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Our latest reviews

Rob BelsonRob Belson

The proof is in the pudding, 1st time pass on the trailer test!

Good vehicle and exceptional & clear tuition, what more do you need? I’ve done a variety of driving exams over the years, car, advanced car, Bike and advanced bike and it’s the only time I’ve not had a single butterfly or concern about failure.

Thanks very much!

James MalkieJames Malkie

Instructor Craig was brilliant, test passed first time what's not to like?!

Jodie WelhamJodie Welham

I passed my test first time thanks to the amazing Lucie! she was just brilliant, professional and highly knowledgeable but so much fun at the same time. we laughed every single lesson which helped so much with calming my nerves! the independence that driving has given me is incredible. Lucie knew how important it was for me to be able to drive and her commitment and determination to get me through my test really showed. I am forever grateful to Lucie, thankyou!

Mattey LallyMattey Lally

Passed my c1 yesterday
Great service friendly and knowledgeable staff
And a really big thanks to Caroline from the Banbury branch your a star
Thanks guys

Ben SlackBen Slack

excellent training from mark passed class C with 0 driver faults. excellent customer service from start to finish fantastic experience thankyou mark and to everyone at nearway driver training.

Ellie DayEllie Day

Mark was absolutely amazing, I’d definitely recommend this company as they have helped me out so much! 10/10!!!

Our latest test passes

David Wyborn Towing Test Pass Northants

Congratulations to David Wyborn who passed his towing test on 1st September 2021 in Northants. David passed with zero driver faults and is thrilled to have passed first time. He needs his licence to...

Danielle Rouse Auto Driving Test Pass Banbury

Danielle Rouse passed on her automatic driving test in Banbury on 31st August 2021 on her first time! Danielle was always a confident driver and eager to drive and learn. With some helpful advise...

Ricky Nais Towing Test Pass Oxfordshire

A big cheer for Ricky Naish who passed his towing course on 14th May 2021 in Oxfordshire. Ricky did really well, and is thrilled to have passed!   Well done Ricky, from your driving instructor...

Claudette Jordan B+E Test Pass Northamptonshire

Congratulations to Claudette Jordan who passed her B+E course on 7th May 2021 in Northamptonshire. Claudette is really looking forward to getting away in the caravan, safe in the knowledge that she...

Craig Williams Category C Test Pass Northants

Hip, hip, hooray for Craig Williams who passed his Category C course on 6th May 2021 in Northants. Craig passed first time with 0 driver faults! He also holds a coach licence but is very happy to be...

Charlotte Backhouse C1 Test Pass Oxfordshire

We are so pleased for Charlotte Backhouse who passed her C1 course in Oxfordshire on 1st May 2021. Charlotte loves playing tennis and is applying for a role in the ambulance service so this licence...

Mark Campbell-Baker B+E Test Pass Northants

Well done to Mark Campbell-Baker who passed his B+E test in Northants on 1st May 2021. Mark is very pleased to have passed and we wish him every success.   Well done Mark, from your driving...

Andrew Brown Category C Test Pass Northants

A round of applause for Andrew Brown who passed his Category C/HGV Class 2 test on 28th July 2021 in Northants. Andrew is really pleased to have passed his test and we wish him luck with his new...

Ben Roberts B+E Test Pass Northamptonshire

A huge congratulations to Ben Roberts, who passed is category B+E test in Northamptonshire on 13th April 2021. Ben passed first time and is also a bit of a wizard when it comes to car electrics;...

Max Beddall B+E Test Pass Northants

A big well done to Max Beddall who passed his B+E test on 23rd August 2021 in Northants. Max passed on his first attempt and is super excited as he will be using his licence to help out around the...

Claire Massey C1 Test Pass Northampton

A massive congratulations to Claire Massey who passed her C1 course on 18th August 2021 on her first attempt and with 0 faults! Amazing work from Claire, who trained in Northampton, passing means...

Troy Butcher C1 Test Pass Northants

We are so pleased for Troy Butcher who passed his C1 course on 9th August 2021 in Northamptonshire. Troy passed first time and is over the moon!   Well done Troy, from your driving instructor...

Giles Ernsting Trailer Test Pass Northants

It's a well done to Giles Ernsting who passed his car and trailer test on 9th August 2021 in Northants. Shippio is Giles's own business transporting motorbikes, trikes and other specialist vehicles...

Ben Young Trailer Test Pass Oxfordshire

Hip hip hooray to Ben Young who passed his trailer course on 6th August 2021 in Oxfordshire. Ben's eventual aim is to open his own mobile bar alongside his friend who plans to have a mobile eatery...

Holly Fitzerman Towing Test Pass Northamptonshire

A round of applause for Holly Fitzerman who passed her towing course on 5th August 2021 in Northamptonshire. Holly is extremely pleased to have passed her test and cannot wait to put her new found...

Matthew Lally C1 Test Pass Northamptonshire

HUGE congratulations to Matthew Lally who passed his C1 course on 29th July 2021 in Northamptonshire. Matthew is thrilled to have passed and is looking forward to a promising career within the...

Alex Coles B+E Test Pass Northants

Three cheers for Alex Coles who passed his B+E course on 20th July 2021 in Northants. Alex is happy to have passed and is one category closes to his wife's entitlement. They can't wait to compete on...

Allistair Collier Towing Test Pass Banbury

A huge congrats to Allistair Collier who passed his towing course on 21st July 2021. Allistair drove well and is pleased as punch to have passed! Towing Courses Banbury Well done Allistair, from...

Rob Milburn B+E Test Pass Northamptonshire

Hip hip hooray for Rob Milburn who passed his category B+E test on 22nd July 2021 in Northamptonshire with 0 faults! He runs his own business and is thrilled to have passed as this licence will help...

Sara West Trailer Test Pass Northamptonshire

Massive congratulations to Sara West who passed her trailer test on 9th July 2021 in Northamptonshire. Sara was very relieved to have succeeded as her on-road driving was perfect!   Well done...

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