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National Lorry Driver Shortage

According to The average age of a UK lorry driver is now 57, this means that around a quarter of the workforce is due to retire in the next 10 years.

There is already a shortage of drivers, the British International Freight Association estimates that 52,000 additional lorry drivers are currently needed nationwide.

With the number of unfilled vacancies increasing by 50 a day, that’s an additional 18,000 unfilled lorry driving jobs in the UK each year, on top of the 52,000 needed already.

This is not just a UK problem, across Europe it’s estimated that an additional 127,000 lorry driving jobs are currently empty. The knock on effect is that employers are now paying their drivers more, lorry driver wages are rising faster than inflation across the board.



Easier than ever training

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a lorry driver, this is an ideal time to make the change and do your HGV training course

Recent changes to the qualifying process have done away with difficult to drive manual gearboxes. Previously you would have had to learn to drive a manual lorry with range changers and half gears to wrestle with during your training and driving test.

Due to improved technology, increased fuel economy and reduced running costs, automatic trucks are now the industry standard and manual gearboxes are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

This means that you can now take your HGV test in an easy to drive automatic truck and still get a full licence to drive manual lorries too!


The easiest time to qualify

So, lorry drivers are in high demand and the qualifying process is easier than ever thanks to automatic trucks. Continuous low interest rates now mean that you can finance your HGV training course from just £65.33 a month over 12 months (plus deposit) see examples here.

There has never been an easier time to train as a lorry driver.

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