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There is nothing quite like the feeling of teaching somebody to drive, watching them pass their driving test and gain their independence.

That literally changes peoples lives and it is incredibly satisfying to be part of that process.

Working as a driving instructor means that you can schedule as much, or as little work as you like, for when you like!

You can schedule work around the school run, your hobbies or any other commitments.

You never have to ask the boss for time off again!

Many people find that they can finally turn their backs on shift work, unsociable hours, or working weekends and become a driving instructor.

But you must be careful!

All driving instructor trainers are NOT the same!


The industry is rife with trainee instructors who have had terrible experiences with their training company.

It is not uncommon to be forced to sign a contract that ties you in to a long franchise, have promises broken about the number of pupils you will get and how much money you can earn or be mis-sold your training and not given enough high quality training to ensure you pass your qualifying tests.

If you take nothing else from your visit to this website – please be very careful about who you decide to use for your instructor training, read their contract carefully and ask what comeback you have if it goes wrong or they don’t supply enough pupils.


If you choose a reputable, local company for your driving instructor training then the process is straightforward and you could be working the hours that you choose helping people to change their lives and get their independence in no time at all!

Driving instructor training

“My previous job involved working late nights 6 days a week. Whilst I enjoyed the job, I was missing my son grow up and decided things needed to change. Since qualifying as a driving instructor I can spend much more time with my family, that time is so precious and you can never get it back if you miss it. I also have much more time for a social life and I can actually see my friends in the evenings and at the weekends.

Becoming a driving instructor is the best thing I’ve ever done, I only wish I’d done it sooner!”

Neil Ridding, Proprietor NearWay Driver Training.


First Time Pass Rate

Contracts to sign


Money Back Guarantee

The national average for the final (part 3) qualifying test is just 27%. My first time pass rate across all tests is 85%

You will never be asked to sign anything – happy customers stay, without a contract!

If you decide to leave the course for any reason I will refund all of your unused hours, no quibble!

Neil Ridding

Neil Ridding

Approved Driving Instructor

I passed my own ADI qualifying exams with the highest possible grades and I can’t wait to pass on my skills to you.

I will personally guide you through the steps required to qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), from your very first introductory session, throughout your training and tests.

You are guaranteed a place within my driving school working in the local area when you qualify, or you can set up on your own or join another school if you wish, there’s no pressure.

ADI training course


“I trained with Neil to become a driving instructor. His extensive knowledge and experience helped me no end. Neil’s kind and patient manner makes a great learning environment for anyone. Highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of training as an ADI”

Avril Simonsen-Kern who passed all her ADI qualifying tests at the first attempt!

ADI part 3 test Gaby
It took me a couple of days to come down from my shock and overwhelming High of passing my Part 3,  but I think I’m finally back on the ground nearly with both feet.
I have to say a massive “Thank you” to you first of all. I don’t think I could have done it without your support. You have been my rock ( at least in the car) over the past year and I always felt I made the right decision when I walked into your office after a very disappointing experience elsewhere.
You have always been calm and collected, even when it was one of my ‘special’ moments, and you always brought the important points back to me when I lost my way ( in many variations). I know I will have your voice in my head when I take my future pupils out on the road and I hope I will pass the knowledge you gave to me on to them in the same professional and efficient manner as you did.
Gaby Shah who passed all of her qualifying tests at the first attempt!
Become a driving instructor
“I have benefited more from the six hours instructor training that I have had with Neil at NearWay Driver Training, than the whole five days I had previously with another company.“
David Belton – started training with us after he was disappointed with a larger instructor training company and went on to pass his final qualifying exam with ease. David is now working as an independent ADI with his own busy driving school.

Could you be the next person to become a driving instructor, change people’s lives and work the hours you want?

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