LGV/HGV Training Northampton

Pass your LGV Category C (also known as HGV class 2) test first time with our HGV training Northampton. 


All Inclusive Service

HGV Training Northampton   Medical with specialist doctor arranged at a time to suit you

LGV Training Northampton   Full support with all DVLA paperwork and licence application

HGV Training Northamptonshire   Unlimited access to online theory test training programme

LGV Training Northampton   Theory test & CPC included

HGV Class 2 Northamptonshire   Short driving courses with expert instructors

Lorry Driving School Northampton   One to one training from your local test centre at Weedon

Lorry Driving Lessons Northampton   Excellent pass rates

HGV Class 2 Northamptonshire   Easy to drive automatic vehicles, you still get a full manual lorry licence

HGV Training Northamptonshire   Simple monthly payments

HGV Training Northamptonshire

5 star customer reviews

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Our Latest Test Success Stories

Luke Collett Category C Test Pass Northamptonshire

Luke Collett Category C Test Pass Northamptonshire

A massive well done to Luke Collett who passed his Category C licence at the Weedon Test Centre on 24th November 2021. Having previously driven buses between Oxford and Central London, Luke showed and used his experience to the max; making the training days very easy...

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Luke Clapham HGV Class 2 Test Pass Northants

Luke Clapham HGV Class 2 Test Pass Northants

A big cheer for Luke Clapham who passed first time for his HGV Class 2 course in Northamptonshire on 25th November 2021. Luke will be using his licence for work and this will hopefully make his job a lot easier!   Well done Luke, from your driving instructor...

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Haydon Clack Category C Test Pass Oxforshire

Haydon Clack Category C Test Pass Oxforshire

Congratulations to Hayden Clack who passed his Category C driving course on 18th November 2021 in Oxfordshire. Hayden passed first time and is thrilled to have his lorry licence!   Well done Hayden, from your driving instructor Kevin and all the team at NearWay...

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Andy Coles Cat C Test Pass Oxfordshire

Andy Coles Cat C Test Pass Oxfordshire

A round of applause for Andy Coles who passed his Category C course first time on 11th November 2021 in Oxfordshire. Andy is almost ready to start in the industry with only his CPC module 4 to go!   Well done Andy, from your driving instructor Kevin and all the...

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Andrius Relevas Cat C Test Pass Weedon

Andrius Relevas Cat C Test Pass Weedon

A massive congratulations to Andrius Relevas who passed his Car C licence first time on 10th November 2021, at the Weedon test centre in Northamptonshire.  Though originally from Lithuania, Andrius has passed all of his driving tests in the UK, and in addition, will...

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Mark Golland Cat C Test Pass Northamptonshire

Mark Golland Cat C Test Pass Northamptonshire

Hooray for Mark Golland who completed his Category C course in Northamptonshire on 1st November 2021. Mark is really looking forward to driving the bigger vehicles at work now that he has his licence!   Well done Mark, from your driving instructors Neil and Ian...

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Category C LGV/HGV Training Northampton.

Think all LGV training companies in Northamptonshire are the same?

We’re different!

Pass your HGV class 2 driving test in Northamptonshire in just 2 and a half days.

Easy to drive automatic vehicles – you still get a full manual lorry licence!

Your first choice for HGV training Northamptonshire. How many other providers can promise the following:
We only train on a one to one basis with just you and your trainer in the truck. You will NEVER be paired up to share your course time with a stranger.

Our easy to drive trucks, affordable monthly payments and one to one training courses mean that we are unbeatable on value.

HGV Training Northamptonshire

Not just driver training!

We provide a fully inclusive service to include your drivers medical, assistance with DVLA paperwork, online theory study material, initial CPC and all your tests. You are welcome to organise everything yourself and just come to us for the driver training but having a one stop shop all inclusive service is the easiest way to get your LGV licence.

Passing your HGV driving test has never been easier with our HGV training Northampton.


All Inclusive Service

HGV Training Northampton   Medical with specialist doctor arranged at a time to suit you

LGV Training Northampton   Full support with all DVLA paperwork and licence application

HGV Training Northamptonshire   Unlimited access to online theory test training programme

LGV Training Northampton   Theory test & CPC included

HGV Class 2 Northamptonshire   Short driving courses with expert instructors

Lorry Driving School Northampton   One to one training from your local test centre at Weedon

Lorry Driving Lessons Northampton   Excellent pass rates

HGV Class 2 Northamptonshire   Easy to drive automatic vehicles, you still get a full manual lorry licence

HGV Training Northamptonshire   Simple monthly payments

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Local Test Passes - and counting!

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No credit searches, No finance approval, No APR

Just EASY monthly payments.

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The 7 Things You NEED To Know When Choosing Your HGV Training Provider

1 - Beware The Broker!

Many of the training companies you will find on Google are not training companies at all, they are brokers. They will portray themselves as training companies but actually have no vehicles, no instructors and no training experience. You will likely spend much more by going through a broker than going directly to the training company. Always check the companies website for sign written vehicles (watch out for photoshops!) and ask if you can visit the driving school. You are welcome to visit us at our offices in Banbury or at our training locations at Weedon or Abingdon. Just ring ahead so we can make sure that we have a vehicle available for you to see and sit in. If you've already got your provisional you can also have a drive. Beware of any company that won't allow this or is cagey when asked.

2 - 2 to 1 Training.

There are very few HGV training companies that train with just one student to one instructor - most will pair up their students and train 2 to 1. We think that one to one training is essential to really understand the way you learn and avoid diluting your time by pairing you up with someone you've never met before. It sounds great when you are offered a 5 day course, but you will be sharing that time with another customer, so you will only get half of that. And if that person is much less competent than you they could actually eat in to your time if they need extra help.

3 - Who's Training You?

It's a little known fact that anyone can train people to drive a lorry, providing they have held a licence for the specified time. You need no instructional ability, just buy a truck, stick some L-plates on it and you're an HGV Driver Trainer! We're different. We only use experienced Driving Instructors who have not only proven their own driving skills to a high standard but have also undergone extensive training in teaching driving skills. We are committed to ensuring the best possible levels of instruction as part of our continued in house instructor development programme. ADI's are also government tested regularly to ensure they maintain their high standards, this is not just some in house ride along from another instructor, but a Government Enforcement Officer will regularly assess the instructors ability and could strip their driving instructors qualification from them if they are sub-standard.

4 - Automatic Trucks.

If you've never driven a lorry before you may be surprised to learn that lorry gearboxes are completely different to the ones found in your car. Trying to use an 8 speed gearbox, a four over four or range changer can be mind boggling for someone who's new to lorry driving! We only use automatic trucks that are so much easier to drive than their manual counterparts, meaning that we can keep the course lengths shorter and the costs down - and you don't have to worry about learning to use a complicated gearbox for your test. You'll still get a full manual entitlement even if you train in an automatic truck, so why make it harder for yourself? Automatic trucks are now the industry standard for haulage companies, manual gearboxes are being phased out.

5 - Friendly instructors.

We only use professional, friendly instructors who are determined to provide the best support possible in getting you through your test. We guarantee that your trainer will never ever shout at you or make you feel stupid for making mistakes, that's just part of learning. We're really proud of our customer reviews

6 - Check Locations.

When choosing an HGV training company, location plays a big part right? Why travel further than necessary to reach your training company. It seems very logical to choose someone local to you, until you turn up for your training and find out that you need to spend the first and last hour of your training time travelling to and from the test area. Not such a great use of time we think you'll agree. We start our training from the test centre, so you don't have to spend a big chunk of your paid-for time travelling to get to the training area. The moment you drive out of our yard you are driving on a test route. It makes perfect sense to drive to the training area yourself and meet your trainer there, rather than waste your course time driving back and forth.

7 - More than just driver training!

Most LGV training companies won't really be interested in talking to you until you have completed your medical, got your provisional and done your theory test. We think that you should get support all the way, so we'll organise all of that for you, including arranging your medical with a specialist doctor, giving access to the latest DVSA online revision material (not just lending you a scruffy book and copied DVD!), we'll support you with the DVLA licence application paperwork, as well as provide all your tests and practical training.

You are welcome to do these steps independently if you prefer and just come to us for the practical driving element, but having a one stop, all inclusive service takes the stress out of qualifying and gives you a single point of contact, ready to help you every step of the way.

Our customer reviews speak for themselves.

Read exactly how it works

It's the easiest time ever to get your HGV licence

Some of our latest Reviews

ICT So EasyICT So Easy

I needed a trailer test for a new business venture. My two instructors were great - I felt really comfortable with them, passed first time and (today) pulled a large trailer for the first time!

Ella ShurrockElla Shurrock

A massive thank you to Neil for getting me through my C1 training! He was so friendly, made me feel comfortable straight away and gave me loads of confidence in my ability. Thanks again Neil for all your help, 100% would recommend!

Will NewberyWill Newbery

Excellent tuition, Neil was able to break the course & content down clearly and provide valuable step by step practical tuition. As the test centre is near by, the ability to practice, following the same routes and questions as the test enabled me to learn and retain the info easily. Thank you Neil!

Charlie CaseCharlie Case

Excellent training - Neil is extremely "human" and down-to-earth. Training was as much about real-life driving skills as it was to pass the test. Very enjoyable morning aside from passing first time! Very many thanks.

Hot ColsHot Cols

A great company with both a personal and a professional attention to detail and the highest quality of training and support. I highly recommend them.

Anthony MartinAnthony Martin

I did my C1 driver training through Nearway. I can not recommend these people enough. I was made to feel welcome and at ease from the minute I stepped foot into the building to the final stage of my journey in passing my C1 driving test. The admin team and instructors are brilliant. Thank you very much for helping me get to where I am now, I couldn't have done it without you.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Chiara ConzeChiara Conze

I did a one and a half day course with Nearway to get my C1 entitlement. On the first day John and Brendan were incredibly helpful and with John’s training I was able to pass my reversing test first time without taking a shunt. On the second day Neil was excellent at picking up on some minor things and giving me very specific advice on what to do should certain scenarios arise in the test which I was able to use to also pass first time with just a few minors. All in all such a pleasant easy experience, the guys made me feel so calm and confident and I really feel like they had the kind of knowledge you can only gain from many years of expertise and experience in the industry. Not only did they help me pass first time but they made me feel confident in my ability to go home and drive my horse lorry safely. Thanks so much I will definitely be sending other people your way!!

Rob JoyceRob Joyce

I passed my hgv class 2 test today. I would highly recommend nearway driver training for anyone looking to progress with there driving. I had 2 days of training instructed by kev and what a top man he is. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise I passed my test with ease.

Luke ClaphamLuke Clapham

I passed my HGV Class 2 and Module 4 CPC with NearWay, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor in Kevin, he was brilliant. I ended up passing with zero minors after 2 days training, I’m sure I’ll be back to do my Class 1 with NearWay in the future.

Lilly EmmaLilly Emma

I would like to thank everyone at Nearway, from the people in the office emailing me with updates and keeping me in the loop, to my instructor Brendan who was amazing! I really didn’t think I would do it but thanks to you I have! I can now start my career in the Ambulance Service.

I definitely recommend Nearway! Thank you again.

Lucy KnightLucy Knight

I have recently passed my C1 driving with Nearway! The whole process was very easy and I had lots of support. My instructor Kev was extremely helpful, positive and easy going, he put all my nerves to rest! I would recommend nearway to anyone who is looking to get any type of licence. Thanks again to Kev and all the team at Nearway🤍

Rob BelsonRob Belson

The proof is in the pudding, 1st time pass on the trailer test!

Good vehicle and exceptional & clear tuition, what more do you need? I’ve done a variety of driving exams over the years, car, advanced car, Bike and advanced bike and it’s the only time I’ve not had a single butterfly or concern about failure.

Thanks very much!

James MalkieJames Malkie

Instructor Craig was brilliant, test passed first time what's not to like?!

Jodie WelhamJodie Welham

I passed my test first time thanks to the amazing Lucie! she was just brilliant, professional and highly knowledgeable but so much fun at the same time. we laughed every single lesson which helped so much with calming my nerves! the independence that driving has given me is incredible. Lucie knew how important it was for me to be able to drive and her commitment and determination to get me through my test really showed. I am forever grateful to Lucie, thankyou!

Ben SlackBen Slack

excellent training from mark passed class C with 0 driver faults. excellent customer service from start to finish fantastic experience thankyou mark and to everyone at nearway driver training.

Ricky BonessRicky Boness

Massive thanks to nearway and my instructor Craig I passed my cat c 1st time after a 2 day course in Northampton
I would highly recommend this company

Claudette JordanClaudette Jordan

Thankyou to Nearway Training. Very easy going instructors and made it relaxing when learning.
Passed my B+E test (just don’t forget that safety pin) now can pull heavier caravans and trailers.
Would recommend this independent company.

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