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Sophie Phillips Trailer Test Review

Customer Reviews, Trailer Training Reviews, Trailer Training Reviews Northamptonshire "Nearway was recommended to me and I would recommend to anyone else wanting to do their trailer training! Neil...
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Natasha Lacey Towing Test

Trailer Test Northamptonshire Review Natasha Lacey

Customer Reviews, Trailer Training Reviews, Trailer Test Northamptonshire Reviews "Thanks guys..... Ian was amazing couldn't thank him enough for getting me through my test" Natasha Lacey passed her...
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Owain Evans Towing Test

“Fantastic tuition, invaluable knowledge from Neil and Ian, and thoroughly nice chaps to boot! Would definitely recommend!! Thanks again.” Owain Evans from Northamptonshire, passed his trailer test...
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Dan Holloway Trailer Test Pass

Trailer Test Northampton Review Dan Holloway

“Second to none, passed first time! Neil was clear, concise and patient with his teaching and I wouldn't hesitate recommending the school to anyone else” Dan Holloway, passed his trailer test at the...
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Will Barnes Towing Test

Will Barnes Towing Test Northampton Review

“Passed my B+E with Neil's tuition. Enjoyable days training and made me confident for the next days test.” Will Barnes, passed his towing test Northampton first time with us! Choose Your Towing...
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James Ray Towing Test

James Ray Towing Training Northampton Review

“Very professional no rubbish tells you exactly what you need to know . Would recommend to anyone . 5 star service” James Ray, passed his towing training Northampton first time with us! Choose Your...
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Tom Richards Towing Test

Tom Richards Trailer Training Northamptonshire Review

"Fantastic tuition and full of knowledge. 5 star and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again" Tom Richards, passed his trailer test Northampton first time on 21st December 2017. Choose Your...
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Our first time trailer test pass rate is consistently over 90%

Trailer Training Northampton.

Our trailer test pass rate is consistently over 90%!!

Think all trailer training providers in Northamptonshire are the same?

We’re different.

With years of experience, and hundreds of towing courses behind us, we are the first choice for car and trailer driving courses in Northamptonshire. We know that you’re busy, we also know that you want the best possible trailer training Northampton has to offer. And we agree that it shouldn’t cost a fortune! Our towing training courses are designed to work for you – not us! We only conduct our towing courses on a one to one basis, with just you and the instructor in the car. Other training companies will force you to pair up with a complete stranger, thereby halving your training time!

Need to take your car and trailer test? We’ve helped hundreds of people pass their test. Since we started in 2010 our trailer training courses are being constantly adjusted and tweaked so you can have the best possible experience, and the best chance of success. It’s for this reason that we start your trailer training course from the test centre at Weedon, between Northampton and Daventry. Starting your towing course at the test centre means we can do your training on the very roads you will be driving on during your trailer test. It also saves time as we don’t spend ages driving to the training location. We will show you the difficult junctions and test hot spots that you may encounter during your towing test to ensure there are no surprises on the day.

If you have just purchased a horsebox, trailer or caravan and need help reversing it, don’t worry! We see lots of people just like you, and without exception they improve their skills, and confidence by completing a short introduction to towing course. This is the perfect introduction to safe and legal towing, how to load and hitch your trailer safely and of course driving the trailer both forwards and backwards.

You have the choice of using your car for the towing training course, or if you prefer we have manual vehicles you can use. We always use our trailer but it’s flexibility like this that makes us the leading provider for trailer training in Northampton.

Everything we do is geared around providing the best value towing training Northamptonshire has to offer.

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See our 100% genuine customer reviews.

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Choose Your Towing Course:

Don't need to take the trailer test? Take our introduction to towing course to build confidence with your trailer or caravan. You can use your vehicle and trailer, or ours. Please call for details.

For those that are already competent at accurately reversing and handling trailers and are good, confident drivers. Please call for details.

Our most popular course, for safe, confident drivers with limited experience towing or reversing a trailer. Please call for details.

For towing novices with no experience that are especially nervous about driving or tests. Also suitable for new drivers and those that have not passed a UK driving test. Please call for details.

Unsure what your licence allows you to drive?

Try THIS TOOL  from the DVLA.

Ryan Barnes Towing Test

Towing Test Northamptonshire   Congratulations to Ryan Barnes who passed his towing test on 10th September 2018 on his first attempt!   Ryan works for a prestige car manufacturer and can now look forward to holidays away in his caravan.   Well done Ryan, from your...

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Lauren Chimes Towing Test

Car and Trailer Test Northamptonshire   Congratulations to Lauren chimes who passed her car and trailer test on 6th September 2018 on her first attempt!   Lauren gave a great drive only picking up 2 driver faults throughout the test and can now use her licence to tow...

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Steve James Towing Test

Trailer Test Northamptonshire   Well done to Steve James who passed his trailer test on Friday 7th September 2018 on his first attempt!   Steve had the perfect test and didn't pick up any faults! A great achievement! He can now tow the bobcat at work.  ...

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Jessica Curtis Towing Test

Trailer Test Bicester   Congratulations to Jessica Curtis who passed her Trailer Test Bicester on Tuesday 4th September 2018.   Jessica works for a landscaping company in Bicester so will be using her licence to tow mowers but she also has her own microbrewery so it...

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Christopher Milton Towing Test

Northamptonshire Towing Test   Well done to Christopher Milton who passed his Towing Test Northamptonshire on Friday 31st August 2018 on his first attempt!   Christopher will be using his towing licence for transporting his polo horse to matches.   Congratulations...

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Lynsey Thompson Towing Test

Towing Training Northamptonshire   Congratulations to Lynsey Thompson who passed her Towing Training Northamptonshire on Wednesday 22nd August 2018.   Lynsey can now look forward to towing the amusements she takes around to shows and is now looking to buy a bigger...

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Check out our customer reviews

See our 100% genuine customer reviews.

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Trailer Training Northampton – Explained!

If you need to tow a large trailer, horsebox or caravan, and you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997 you will need to take the towing test. During the test you will be asked to complete a reversing exercise into a bay at the test centre. You will be checked to ensure you can uncouple and couple up the trailer to the car safely and you will also be asked questions on safe loading and operating the vehicle. The main part of the test is the on road driving element, this lasts for up to an hour and you will be tested on a wide variety of roads. Starting from the test centre at Weedon, you will be asked to drive into Daventry or Northampton. The road to Northampton can be tricky as the speed limit changes 9 times on the way to the Sixfields roundabout and Duston! The routes in Northampton include Weedon Road, Bants Lane, Harlestone Road, St Peters Way and Towcester Road. You may also be asked to drive between junctions 15a and 16 of the M1, or through Rothersthorpe and Kislingbury. We know all the test routes and will show you the difficult junctions you may encounter on your B+E Test.

You will get expert guidance and benefit from our years of experience to ensure you have the best possible chance of passing first time. Many people come to us for their towing lessons, nervous or even scared of driving or reversing a trailer. Don’t worry if you’re nervous – it’s completely normal and we’ve seen it all before! Our expert instructors will guide you through the towing course every step of the way. Most people are surprised at how easy reversing a trailer can be when they have had a few goes with our expert help.

Towing Courses Northampton

Whatever your requirement, we have a course to suit. We offer caravan towing courses, horsebox towing courses and car and trailer towing courses. Need practice reversing? Take one of our trailer reversing courses or an introduction to towing course and master the skills needed to safely reverse your trailer quickly and easily. You can use your car and trailer, or ours, or a combination of your car with our trailer.

Take trailer training Northampton with us and benefit from our 90% pass rate.