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Caravan, Horsebox and Trailer Towing Courses for business and pleasure.

Are you scared to reverse your trailer?

Too embarrassed to reverse your caravan onto a pitch?

Worried you’re not hitching your trailer correctly?

Concerned that you won’t know what to do if your caravan starts snaking?

Our short trailer towing courses will give you the skills to tow confidently and safely.

Learn to drive, reverse and hitch up your trailer, caravan or horsebox safely with the areas leading towing training provider.

The great news is that since the law changed in December 2021, there is now no longer any need to take a test to tow a trailer. This sadly meant that many towing training schools went out of business, but we are one of the few companies still able to provide towing training to ensure that you will be safe to tow.

And because you no longer need to take a test, we can tailor a towing course around your requirements and really make sure you get tons of real life, useful help with day to day situations that you will encounter when towing your trailer.

All our towing training is done on a one to one basis (unless you want to share with a friend or colleague), with one of our resident trailer driving instructors. You won’t be paired up with a stranger and expected to share your training time. You won’t spend ages sitting at the side of the road chatting, or waste time in the classroom, you’ll be learning useful, practical stuff that will equip you to tow safely on the road.

Our training centre in Banbury, Oxfordshire (OX17 3AS) has a dedicated training and reversing area, classroom and access to a variety of local roads to hone your skills.

Our team of highly experienced, friendly and patient instructors have hundreds of towing courses and 5 star reviews behind them.

We are committed to providing the best trailer training available, and providing great value for money.


Choose your course

Our courses are suitable for any kind of trailer. So whether it’s a horse-box, caravan, car, box or flatbed trailer – our towing courses are perfect!

Car and trailer training

Introduction to towing

Our 4 hour intro to towing course is ideal if you want to learn the basics of safe towing, reversing and hitching a trailer, horsebox or caravan.


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Matt Nash & Jo Baker Trailer test pass

Introduction to towing (2 people)

Ideal for couples that are just venturing into caravan ownership. You’ll learn everything needed for safe towing, with time to put your new skills into practice.


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Alice Green Towing Test Pass Oxfordshire

Advanced towing course

Our 8 hour advanced towing course provides time to introduce, practice and perfect the skills required for safe towing to a much higher level than our basic introduction to towing course.


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Just some of our towing training reviews:

Getting proper training before towing a trailer or caravan is crucial for several reasons.

Safety: Towing a trailer or caravan significantly alters the driving dynamics of a vehicle. Proper training helps you understand the principles of safe towing, including weight distribution, braking techniques, turning radius, and maintaining stability. By learning these fundamentals, you can reduce the risk of accidents, loss of control, or jackknifing, ensuring the safety of yourself, your load and passengers, and other road users.

    1.  Legal Compliance: There are specific laws and regulations regarding towing trailers or caravans. These laws often cover weight limits, licensing requirements, and equipment specifications. Training helps you understand and comply with these legal obligations, preventing fines, penalties, or even legal issues that may arise due to improper towing practices.
    1. Handling Challenges: Towing a trailer or caravan introduces unique challenges, such as increased length, weight, and reduced visibility. Training provides you with the necessary skills to handle these challenges effectively. You will learn techniques for manoeuvring, reversing, and navigating tight spaces, enhancing your confidence and reducing the likelihood of incidents.
    3. Knowledge of Equipment: Towing involves using specific equipment like tow hitches, weight distribution systems, sway control devices, and trailer brakes. Training educates you about these components, their proper use, and maintenance. Understanding the equipment ensures that you select the right gear, set it up correctly, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during towing.
    1. Fuel Efficiency: Towing a trailer or caravan can have a significant impact on fuel consumption. Training helps you optimise your driving techniques, such as maintaining steady speeds, anticipating braking, and planning routes. By adopting fuel-efficient practices, you can reduce your overall fuel costs and minimise environmental impact.
    1. Preventing Damage: Towing without proper training increases the risk of damage to both the towing vehicle and the trailer/caravan. Improper weight distribution, inadequate securing of items, or inappropriate driving manoeuvres can lead to structural damage, tire blowouts, or mechanical failures. Training equips you with the knowledge to prevent such damage, protecting your investment in the towing equipment.
    1. Insurance Considerations: In some cases, insurance policies may require specific training or qualifications for towing to ensure coverage in case of accidents or damage. By completing proper training, you can fulfill these requirements and ensure your insurance coverage remains valid.

Getting training before towing a trailer or caravan is essential for safety, legal compliance, skill development, equipment knowledge, and overall efficiency. It empowers you to make informed decisions, reduces risks, and enhances your towing experience while protecting yourself, others, and your property on the road.

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